Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tamanna Bhatia's Profile -I-

Tamanna Bhatia (Tamil:தமன், Teluguഅസിന്‍തൊത,) is a south Indian model/actress who started her film career through her debut film in Hindi called Chand Sa Roshan Chehra and made her Tamil debut film Kedi which did well at the box office. The former model has also signed for her debut film in Telugu called Sri in which she plays the leading female role amongst actor Manoj Kumar. And she is a rising heroine in both Kollywood and tollywood industries. Tamanna has recently signed for a film in Tamil called Vyapari along with actor SJ Suryah and others. Her recent telugu movie happy days is a big hit and people are thinking that it will be biggest telugu hit of 2007.

Tamanna was born to Santosh Bhatia and Rajani Bhatia on 21st December 1989. [1]. She started acting at the age of 13, now she is first year student at National College in Bandra, and she has one brother, Anand Bhatia. She can speak Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English. Tamanna has done many advertisements in Tamil for big companies such as Shakti Masala, Saravana Stores, RMKV and she also did few music albums before she entered the film industry

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