Friday, June 19, 2009

Seed -I-

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Torrent Downloaders Read this First  (Information)

This article is only meant for New dudes to torrent worlds dedicated for those selfish users who not seed after down load.

Direct Downloads : Guys as you know direct download available for 24 hours, its because files are hosted on some servers which remain active 24 hours and you can download files at any time as you want.

Torrent Downloads : as for torrent files are located some where on users hard drive. Torrent is not file hosting servers it is only protocols which act as a communicator between two or more PC's or computers. you can only able to download when some one seeding them. As you know it is not possible for anyone to remain online for 24 hours, for this PC must remain active but this is not possible.

So friends always seed torrents after download for 3 to 4 hours its necessary, you can do this daily for 7 days this will insure enough seed, after 7 days you can stop seeding as you know there should be enough seed if everyone follow according to this article.

If you not do this one day there will no seed and no-one can download that torrent, if this happened continuously you also will not able to download other torrents as there will be no seeder, guys you are currently able to download because of those persons who are aware of this problem. Torrent sites only can provide you protocol files to communicate between two PC's not content files. And ofcouse it is not possible for content provider to seed torrent 24 hours.

So Please Seed Torrent after download as long as possible for you.