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  • Some large animals like elephants hear the noise of the tsunami and move in the opposite direction towards inland
  • Computer models can also foresee tsunami arrival and impact depending upon knowledge of the event that caused it and the shape of the oceanbed

  • These waves are usually 10 meters high. The rapid displacement of the body of water takes place due to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, underwater explosions, large meteorite impacts, mass movements above or under water,nuclear weapons testing in seas
  • The second largest death toll has been 100,000 in 1755 in Portugal, Morocco and the United Kingdom

  • Where tsunami is happening there is a loud roar similar to a train or aircraft
  • The maximum death toll due to tsunami has been 283,000 in 2004 in the Indian Ocean

  • 1964, an Alaskan earthquake generated a tsunami with waves between 10 and 20 feet high along parts of the California, Oregon and Washington coasts
  • In 1946, a tsunami with waves of 20 to 32 feet crashed into Hilo, Hawaii, flooding the downtown area

  • The third largest death toll due to sunami is 70,000 in 1908 in Italy
  • At the deepest point in the ocean, Tsunamis can have a speed of 600 mph. Close to the shore, this speed reduces to 30 to 40 mph.-

  • Hawai is the state at greatest risk for a tsunami. They get about one a year, with a damaging tsunami happening about every seven years
  • Alaska is also at high risk. California, Oregon and Washington experience a damaging tsunami about every 18 years

  • If the waves range from 40 meters to more than 100 meters, they are called as a "megatsunami"
  • When they reach land, they acquire more height due to the force of impact. They are also called as "iminami" or "wave of purification"
  • If you feel an earthquake in the Pacific Coast area, turn on your battery-powered radio to learn if there is a tsunami warning. If you hear a tsunami warning, and they say to evacuate, do this immediately.-

Sunday, March 13, 2011

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March 13 (Reuters) - The death toll from the earthquake and tsunami that struck northeast Japan could top 10,000, national broadcaster NHK quoted a police official as saying. "The death toll is almost certain to rise"
TAGAJO, Japan— The death toll in Japan's earthquake and tsunami will likely exceed 10,000 in one state alone, an official said Sunday, as millions of survivors were left without drinking water, electricity and proper food.Washington, March 12 : US President Barack Obama has said there was no major damage in the country from a tsunami caused by a massive earthquake in Japan. Huge tsunami waves, some 10 metres high .-

FUKUSHIMA - Japan battled twin disasters on Sunday, trying to stop a radiation leak at a crippled nuclear plant while rescue teams searched desperately for survivors from a massive earthquake and tsunami.Indiana's attorney general is reminding people to keep an eye out for scams as they reach out to help those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. "In the immediate aftermath of the Haiti earthquake last year. -

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LOS ANGELES, March 12, 2011 (AFP) - Tsunami waves from Japan’s huge quake have killed at least one person and sparked mass evacuations on the American continent, but failed to inflict major damage.Reporting from Crescent City, Calif. The day after a tsunami destroyed this beleaguered city's fishing harbor and battered the economy along with it, the sky here on the wild Northern California coast struggled to brighten.-