Friday, November 9, 2012

New Stores -I-

Dave and I are both relieved that the largest Christmas show (Kamloops Craft-a-Fair) of the year is now over and we only have two more smaller type shows left for the season.  We can now go back to focusing more of our time on servicing the yarn and quilt shoppes that sell our work.  This is even more important now that we have recently added two more shops to our wholesale list.

One of the stores is the Nee Nee Girl's Yarn Shop which is located in the General Store in the quaint little town of Falkland.  We pass through this town on a regular basis when traveling over to the central Okanagan area and sometimes enjoy stopping in at a local cafe for some tea and coffee or brunch.  We are excited that a good assortment of our buttons, shawl pins and other accessories are now available in this shop and we are looking forward to creating new ideas and pieces for Kelli, the owner.

The other store we have just added is a new yarn shop that just opened in Vernon called "A Twist of Yarn".
It is located in this beautifully restored vintage home just one block off the main highway.

The photo below shows one of the cozy rooms with a dining table and chairs for sitting at.  Our buttons and shawl pins are on the rack in front.  You can see the gorgeous hardwood floors throughout that have been all refinished.

This is Camella, the owner, standing in front of the beautifully restored fireplace and skeins of her own hand dyed yarn above.

One of the rooms is filled with an assortment of looms and spinning wheels.

A Twist of Yarn has only been open a few weeks but is already buzzing with lots of excited knitters in the area.  We wish Camella and her shop great success!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Long Weekend -I-

This was one of our busiest weekends for the season and we spent today recovering.  Thank goodness for our new hot tub jacuzzi which has helped me get through it.

It started with a Ladies Night charity fundraiser at our local Home Hardware store where I had a display featuring our new scarf jewelry and interchangeable earring system.  I was so busy I completely forgot about taking a photo of my table set-up. I did manage, however, to take a picture of Laura in her gorgeous gown and wearing one of our scarf jewelry sets.

It was a fun evening with lots of door prizes, activities, punch, wine and lots of yummy appies!

We were up early the next morning (Sunday) for the huge Kamloops Craft-a-Fair.  It was a very busy show as usual and very successful.  Our new scarf jewelry and stick shawl/sweater pins were well received and we nearly sold out before it was over.  (This photo was taken later on so was looking pretty slim after selling more than 2/3's of our inventory!)

The main drawing feature was the slide show we put together on a digital screen with the photos taken by Natalie of One Love Photography. (see photo below)

Our new Interchangeable earring system was also a big hit.  I came up with the idea when I was experimenting with some new ear wire designs where all the art beads can be easily interchanged.  I was getting weary of making so many ear wires for every pair of art beads and then having to change them when a customer would prefer a different style.  With this system, you choose the style of ear wire as well as your art beads which can be easily interchanged.  I am in the process of updating our website which will feature this system very soon.