Friday, April 3, 2015

Feature Friday Christina's Adventures -0-

Today I am featuring the home of blogger Christina from the blog Christina's Adventures. She has a wonderful knack for DIY!  She is actually closing on this house in a few weeks, and is currently in the middle of renovating a 1902 Victorian home into her "forever home".  Here's what she says she loves mot about her former home:

This is the first home we've owned, and it's been quite an adventure fixing it up.  We've learned so much, and will always look back at this house with the sweetest memories!  It's where we brought our first son home, and we have truly put our hearts into every square inch of it as we have made this house a home.


Planked wall and open shelving kitchen

wooden open pantry shelving


kitchen table with IKEA light

View all the details on this Kitchen here

Coffee table that folds out into a bigger table!


Check out more of Christina's fun blog here

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