Friday, April 10, 2015

My Favorite Spring Floral Fabrics -0-

I am a HUGE floral fabric fan. If you can't tell I love myself a good floral. I feel like florals open up a world of opportunity in a room and they play off of geometrics so well. I've rounded up some of my favorite pretty fabrics for you today that would work seamlessly in any Spring inspired room. 

 1. Color Study Berry $23.99 a yard // 2. Whirlpool Summer $22.95 a yard // 3. Flora Impereralis Outdoor Summer $37.99 // Bird Print

1. Rosie Raspberry $28.98 a yard //  2. Waverly Bliss Clover $20.99 a yard // 3. Waverly Set in Spring Punch $14.98 per yard // 4. Ray of Sun Raspberry $20.98 // 5. Marissa Magenta $27.99 a yard 

1. Fantini Candy $17.49 a yard // 2. Ludovika Fabric $3.99 a yard // 3. Sakura Blossom $29.95 a yard 

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Does anyone else love florals as much as I do?

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