Sunday, April 19, 2015

Okanagan PC Guild - First Official Meeting -I-

Yesterday during our clay get together, it was decided to officially form the Okanagan Polymer Clay Guild.  We will be meeting as often as we can and our members come from all over the Okanagan.

Our clay meeting yesterday went for a full 5 hours duration.  We played with our extruders and between us all we had several types to compare as well as several methods for using a power drill.

Several people had the Walnut Hollow Extruders which seemed really awkward to work but the set-up that Joanne (below) was using really worked like a charm.

Dave and I had just received our Lucy Clay Tools latest extruder Disc from Vanisland Jewels so had fun experimenting with some of the patterns shown on their site.  These are the patterns I made and was using Premo clay.  I found the Premo very soft so was a little trickier to work with.  But as we have a number of novices in the group who use Premo clay we went with that.

After a bag lunch, we pulled out our books, Patterns in Polymer by Julie Picarello to try out somoe of her techniques.

We didn't have time to finish so planned to take them home and bring them finished off at the next meeting for Show & Tell.

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