Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Small Updates Go A Long Way -0-

A few years ago my cute cousin  Angela contacted me about helping update her Living Room.  I sent over ideas that would be easy to implement and not too expensive on their student budget.  I just recently helped her update her bedroom and I thought I'd share the process with you.  Angela lives in a rental so she can't make any major changes to paint.  She felt like her master bedroom was boring and needed a lot of help. Her budget for a new look was under $1,000.

We decided we'd keep all her furniture so we could put money elsewhere.  The main concerns were that the nightstands and bed came in a set so they felt too matchy match.  She also didn't like how the dresser felt so out of place.  I suggested she paint the nightstands white so they felt different next to the bed. Then to tie in the modern dresser I told her to paint the dresser either all white or two-toned like this:

and switch out the hardware to this:

This is the board I came up with for the rest of the plan. 

Two of the Navy Deco Pillows from Caitlin Wilson. 

This as a lumbar in front and then a blanket folded at the end of the bed. 

I think painting the nightstands made a huge difference! She also bought my favorite rug for the foot of the bed. 

I think these small changes made a big difference!

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