Friday, July 31, 2015

Ramadhan wallpaper -0-

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Konoplyanka -I-

Easy Ways to Lighten a Dark Kitchen -0-

I recently had a reader email me asking for tips on lighting up her dark kitchen.  She loves the look of white kitchens but unfortunately any major changes are not in their budget right now. 

As you can see the kitchen isn't horrible it's just really dark. The cabinets are clean and modern and the floor is at least light. 

If you don't have the means to give your kitchen a complete overhaul there are still a lot of easy changes you can do. 
1. I love the idea of using a beautiful tea towel as art. Something white with a little color will really brighten up the kitchen. 
2. If any of my clients ever have windows in the kitchen I always recommend installing a roman shade. A window treatment is a great way to add some pattern and color to the space distracting the eye from all the brown going on. Since this kitchen has all warm tones I chose a blue fabric to add a cooler feel to the space. Roman shades can be pricey so if you want to save some money you can make a faux roman shade using this tutorial
3. The easiest thing to do to lighten up the space is to add as many white accessories as possible. White will help to break up the brown. White serving pieces could also be added to top the kitchen cabinets.
4. I think adding crystal knobs to all the cabinets would be amazing.  
5. These canisters are bright and cheery and would really help bring the kitchen to life. 
6. I have patterned bowls displayed in my kitchen and I love them!
7. Because the kitchen appliances are all dark it would be great to brighten the oven up with a fun dishtowel
8. Although the client doesn't want to do any painting I'm going to strongly recommend painting the tile backsplash. I love this tutorial. I really feel like transforming the backsplash will help break up the darkness of the cabinets and countertops. 

What would you do to lighten up this dark kitchen? 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sunny Yellow and Black Silkscreen Pills & Coffee Print -I-

So here are some more snaps with the black paint silkscreened on a deep yellow background.  The silkscreen used here was another one by Helen Breil called Pills & Coffee.  I really love how this print really pops when it is done this way.

Snaps for interchangeable jewelry

Bracelet with 5 interchangeable snaps

Cuff Links with interchangeable snaps

Necklace pendant with interchangeable snap

Necklace pendant with interchangeable snap

In my latest tutorial, Creating Interchangeable Polymer Clay Jewelry in a Snap, I show how to fill these special "snap" bezels with your clay patterns.  If you had already purchased my tutorial and are following our blog, we created these snaps using the same method for the Cabochon on page 6.  For the final step (#16) we used a little piece of organza fabric to texture which gave a cloth like finish. After baking, we spray them with the PYM11 which makes the colors pop and that is all you need.

There is still time to purchase your copy of my tutorial and entered into our draw for a chance to win one of 3 copies of our part 2 tutorial soon to come.  You can read more about this here.

And one more tip for you today.  Even though Helen's silkscreens are great quality, we want them to last a long time so we store them with pieces of parchment paper in between.  We have this stationary box where they are a perfect fit for the drawer.  The top part holds our deli paper and works like a kleenex dispenser so they are handy to grab.

Living Room under $500 -0-

I am really excited to be introducing a new contributor to the blog today! Kimberly Moore is a fabulous former intern of mine and she is now running a design business of her own. Her blog is one of my favorites and I love the post she's put together for us today! 

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It can be difficult to stay within a small budget when decorating, but it's certainly not impossible! I've put together this living room inspiration board that came in right at $498.48 Not only is this room affordable, it is pretty to look at! 

Keeping a list of a few basic resources will help when beginning the design process. Don't forget to include these on the list >>>

Sofa: $230 // Target 5'x7' Rug: $80 // Target
Coffee Table: $20 // Ikea Lamp: $45.48 // Target
Pink Dot Pillow: $20 // Society 6 Floral Pillow: $20 // Society 6
Yellow Scallops Pillow: $23 // Society 6 3 Mirrors: $60 // Target

Kimberly Moore here >>> My favorite color is mint, I have bangs, and love a good pair of glasses! There are few things that make me happier than designing a gorgeous room, creating art, or throwing a smashing party. My blog, Third Floor Design Studio, has become a place to learn, shop, and be inspired. On any given day you'll find great sources for decor, simple DIY projects, or party planning essentials. So be sure to stop by my blog and say hello! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Vince young cool wallpaper 2011 -0-

Vincent Paul Young, Jr. (born May 18, 1983), nicknamed "VY", is an American football quarterback in the National Football League, and is currently a free agent. He spent the first five seasons of his career with the Tennessee Titans. Young was the third overall draft pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. He played college football at The University of Texas. In his rookie season, Young was named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and earned a roster spot on the AFC Pro Bowl team. In 2009, Young earned his second Pro Bowl Selection and was named Sporting News NFL Comeback Player of the Year.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Last Week's Links -0-

Last week was amazing! The highlight of the week was a giant slip n' slide that we went to in our neighborhood. I felt like a kid again! I feel like I'm soaking up every moment of this summer that I possibly can. 

You can keep up with all my latest happenings on instagram (@kirstenkrason)

1 || Snakes as art? I never thought I would love it so much! 
2 || I love this roundup of "non-hideous" ceiling fans. 
3 || This is the coolest website! You can use your favorite quote to create a totally "pin-worthy" image. 
4 || So excited to have discovered this amazing artist
5 || Right now Banana Republic is offering an additional 35% off everything with code BRSPLASH!

6 || I am super excited about the new Maxi - Cosi AP car-seat that's launching today! It will be available in 14 color combos and only weighs 8.6 lbs!  I've been eyeing it for awhile now.

8 || This tutorial on how to arrange grocery store flowers is going to change my life! 
9 || I get weepy every time I read an article like this
10 || This post on what not to do as a blogger was really interesting. 
11 || I LOVE this little gold table

top image - I Suwannee // bottom image - Third Floor Design Studio

disclosure: affiliate links used

Bold and Bright -I-

Here are some more snaps we created that are quite different than the ones I last showed you.  These were created with the same silkscreens by Helen Breil that were in my last post.  I love the bold effect that black paint can have on a bright colored background as in the Freesia Yellow and Chartreuse Green shown here.  These snaps and jewelry items will be listed in our online shop soon.

Ring with interchangeable snap

Bracelet with interchangeable snaps

Bracelets with interchangeable snaps
Cuff links with interchangeable snaps
Pendant with interchangeable snaps

Coke -I-

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Amazon Wonders -0-

Some of the amazing pictures of Amazon are given billow:

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