Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pantone Fall 2015 Fashion Colors Amethyst Orchid and Biscay Bay -I-

The Pantone fall 2015 fashion colors Amethyst Orchid and Biscay Bay are two of my favorites for this fall.  When making our buttons and jewelry components, we make sure we have a good selection in purple and teal as they are best selling colors.  A purple and teal combination, however, is even better.  We created this interchangeable scarf necklace and earrings using these the Amethyst Orchid and Biscay Bay combination.

Interchangeable Scarf Necklace and Earrings
And with some of the left overs we made a few snaps:

"Snap" cabocons

"Snap" Hair Barrette

"Snap" Pendant

So here are the recipes for these two colors using Kato clay:

1 part Purple Base # 10-2 *
1 part Kato Violet
1 part Kato Magenta
2 parts White Mix # 1-2 *

Follow the color recipe for
Teal # 8-4 *
but reduce the pearl to
only 1/2 part (from 3 parts)

* These clay base colors are found in my
"Clay Color System" tutorial
available as an instant download
in our Etsy Shop
or manually sent in an e-mail from

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