Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Funny Amazon Jungle Pictures -0-

Amazon the great forest of the world is amazing to see. The number of the animals of the forest so many. So, some funny and interesting things are happen every times. Some of that funny pictures are given bellow:

Funny Amazon Jungle Pictures
Funny Amazon Jungle Pictures
 Funny Amazon Jungle Pictures
Funny Amazon Jungle Pictures
 Funny Amazon Jungle Pictures
 Funny Amazon Jungle Pictures
 Funny Amazon Jungle Pictures
Funny Amazon Jungle Pictures

Last Week's Links -0-

1 || Obsessed with this room. I love everything about it. 
2 || This is the cutest camping first birthday party.
3 || Old Navy is making the cutest pullovers for girls right now.
4 || Best tips ever on hanging art above a console table.
5 || I love this simple and eclectic nursery.
6 || This is my newest sofa crush.

7 || Pretty sure every kid should own this easy to make puppet theater. 
8 || This is the perfect little dress. 
9 || Best way every to add faux wood to a non-working fireplace. 
10 || The color of this bag is so yummy. 

top photo credit -  Simplified Bee // bottom photo credit - The Alison Show 


Family Pictures by Jylare Smith Photography -0-

It's been a few years since Jylare took our family pictures.  As usual she did an amazing job. I love how good she is with our kids. She makes it really fun for our kids. We even got Jane to crack a few smiles which is rare for her. 

There were so many cue ones it was hard to pick a favorite. If you are wanting to get your family pictures done before the cold weather hits I highly recommend Jylare

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Popular Quotes For-ever -0-

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